Service overview

Easily publish photos and illustrations on the web

Expert knowledge such as HTML, CSS, FTP software etc. and difficult operations are unnecessary, you can easily publish photos and illustrations on the web.
Of course you can customize easily. All customizations such as changing the color of the text and changing the image can be done from the web, all operations are completed by clicking, dragging and dropping with the mouse etc.

Communication with evaluation function and comment form

Since the evaluation function and the comment form are equipped as standard in the WOX gallery, you can send it on the spot where you read the evaluation and comment opinion on the favorite work. Communication between the reader and the author can also be done smoothly, it will encourage the author by receiving evaluation and impressions. Works with high ratings will be displayed on the top page of the WOX Gallery in descending order of evaluation.

Organize works by category easily

You can post / manage your work by category. If it is only a photo gallery, it can be used in various ways according to purpose, such as "People" "Landscape" "Food" etc.
Also, since you can apply as many galleries as you like, you can also have their own gallery pages by genre (photos / illustrations, etc.).

Abundant template

We prepare various templates centering on simple and easy-to-see things without disturbing contents. You can use it as it is, or you can customize it to your liking based on the initial template.
Also, even if you want to move to another template later, you can easily change the design with a sense of dressing up.

You can specify the content publishing level finely

You can limit the password to the content, or restrict only the WOX Friend. (The image itself is not limited.)
  1. Entire Internet (anyone can access it)
  2. WOX user as a whole (Only users registered in WOX will be able to access)
  3. WOX Friend only (Only WOX Friends will be able to access)
  4. Password restriction (Only people who know the password can access it)
  5. Temporary pause (content will be private)
If you use the restriction function, you can use it with peace of mind even if you want to release photos and illustrations, but you are worried about being seen by an unspecified number of people! Also, if you restrict it, you can share private photos such as wedding ceremonies and family and children photos with confidence.

500 yen per month with no ads

If you upgrade to a premium user, you can use all the functions that were restricted in the free version, such as hiding ads and handling to your own domain. (Please see "WOX Gallery Specification" for the difference between the premium version and the free version.)
In addition, once you register as a premium user, you can use any number of services provided by WOX. If you apply for a course of 500 yen per month, even if you use two galleries, the monthly fee is 500 yen. Of course, even if you use a service other than the gallery, the monthly fee will not change so it is even better if you use multiple WOX services.

Even free users will not see ads as much as possible

Ads displayed in the gallery are displayed for the first time if there is no posting for 10 days. Therefore, if you are updating frequently, you can use it as a gallery without advertisement display.
For premium users, ads will not be displayed even if there is no update.
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